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Contemporary Exercises for Lead Players By Abe Most


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Abe Most studied with Joe Allard, a very teacher in New York, and his credits include full-time positions in the greatest bands of his era.

The exercises in this book are based on contemporary jazz phrases. All the exercises start in the Key of C – no flats or sharps – and proceed through all the keys as indicated, which actually takes you through the cycle of 5ths: C – F – Bb – Eb – Ab – D(C#) – F#(Gb) – B – E – A – D – G. When playing in any given key, any part of the exercise can be played through all the unaltered (no sharps or flats added) triads and 7th chords built on the natural major scale of that Key.

I believe this book will be most helpful to students who desire to improve their jazz conception and playing ability. Abe Most is an outstanding instrumentalist and has worked on enough movie and TV projects to know where to focus in the practice room. The material in this book, based on his long experience in the jazz field, makes it invaluable for all players.

Check out a few samples and try out your transposition through the cycle of fifths. When you are ready grab an immediate PDF download above.

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