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Concerto in F minor (Trumpet & Piano) By Oskar Bohme



Oskar Böhme’s Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, the only known full-length trumpet concerto from the Romantic period of music currently in the repertoire, was originally written in E minor to be performed on a trumpet pitched in A. As the trumpet in A fell into obsolescence by the middle part of the twentieth century, it became customary to perform Böhme’s concerto in the key of F minor using a trumpet pitched in B-flat. Although several editions of Böhme’s concerto have been published with piano accompaniment in F minor, the concerto has yet to be made available with full orchestral accompaniment in this key.

This really is one of the gems of the repertoire and I am very happy to have it in out collection. I have included a variety of sample pages from the solo part and the piano reduction so you can have a look. When you are ready, you can grab an immediate PDF download above.

Ghitalla Performs Bohme Mvt. 1

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