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Molter Concerto for Two Trumpets No.1 in D By Johann Melchoir Molter


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Johann Molter wrote five concerti for two trumpets – you’ll find all five right here at qPress. Molter’s trumpet concertos are esteemed works in the classical repertoire, showcasing the virtuosity and versatility of the trumpet. Written in the late 18th century, these concertos exhibit a blend of Baroque and Classical styles, featuring lively rhythms and melodic flourishes. Molter’s trumpet concertos remain cherished by performers and audiences for their exuberant energy and technical brilliance.

These editions are simple transcriptions of the originals for two trumpets and piano, leaving lots of room for embellishment and flair. Concerto No. 1 is written for 2 Trumpets in D. The first part goes up to high concert D, the second part goes up to concert A above the staff.

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