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Complete School for the Trumpet By Hermann Pietzsch


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Hermann Pietzsch’s School for the Trumpet/Cornet (originally titled “Theoretisch-praktische Schule für Trompete”) has been out of print for nearly 120 years and we are very proud to bring it back to life as a digital edition on qPress. You may know Pietzsch already from his wonderful etude book (22 Virtuoso Studies) and you would be right to assume that his trumpet method is an even more valuable addition to the trumpet repertoire.

This book has been translated into French, English, and German, and is an exceptional step by step guide to all areas of playing, much like the Arban method. Things ramp up quickly and musical and stylish etudes following soon after the basics. Here is a break down of what is in each volume.

Volume 1: Introductory reading, instrument mouthpiece embouchure, rhythm, scales, intervals, slurs, chromatics, dynamics, arpeggios, daily exercises, duets.

Volume 2: Melodious exercises in all keys, trills, multiple tonguing, daily studies, duets, technical studies in velocity, transposing, high trumpet excerpts.

This is a once in a lifetime find and available at only one trumpet music store on the planet. Grab some samples on the left then get your immediate digital download above. Enjoy everyone!

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