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Chet Baker’s “Someday My Prince Will Come” By Chet Baker


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This book is a complete album, note-for-note transcription of The Chet Baker Trio’s “Someday My Prince Will Come.” Transcribed by Erik Veldkamp, this collection brings an all-time classic album to your music stand for the first time ever.

Someday My Prince Will Come is a live album by trumpeter/vocalist Chet Baker that was recorded in 1979 at the Jazzhus Montmartre and released on the Danish SteepleChase label. This is another in a series of recordings Chet did with a guitar and bass trio. It is relaxing and intimate, Chet sounds like he has regained some of the inspiration from his early years. Neils Pederson and Doug Raney offer sensitive accompaniment and excellent solos.

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Song List:

  1. Gnid
  2. Love Vibrations
  3. Sad Walk
  4. Someday My Prince Will Come
  5. I’m Old Fashioned
  6. In Your Own Sweet Way

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