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Caruso, On Breath Control (Dynamic Interval Exercises) By Carmine Caruso


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Carmine Caruso was the famed teacher of world-famous trumpeters like Marvin Stamm, John Thirkell, Randy Brecker and Markus Stockhausen. His simple approach to embouchure, attack, and breathing was so far ahead of his time that there was little vocabulary for the type of instruction he was offering. The subtitle of his book “Caruso on Breath Control” says that this book will increase your range and give you rapid embouchure development and control. You will be hard-pressed to find a trumpeter that does NOT want to achieve that.

This book is a 15-week schedule of exercises used to gradually increase your range and endurance while making your embouchure more supple and responsive at the same time. The first four pages of instruction lay out exactly what you need to do and when, and provides a full glossary of the terms he uses throughout, many of which he had to coin himself. The 15 weeks of breath control & embouchure exercises follow, and the book completes with a wonderful essay on the anatomical facts of breath control.

It would be impossible to recommend this book more than I do. Below I will copy some words from Markus Stockhausen so you can read how impactful this work can be, even for seasoned professionals”

“I still do the exercises whenever I feel the need to focus my embouchure or prepare for a hard trumpet concerto. Often, just doing the “six notes”, the body remembers everything immediately, and I am able to play up and down without any further warm-ups. It is magical how the body can reproduce results that have been properly programmed. In fact, this is the basis for Carmine’s system – as well as those of others, of course – that the cells have memory.

I am truly grateful to Carmine for his teaching. I consider his system unique, one of the authentic approaches to successful trumpet playing. Done with intelligence, patience, and care Carmine’s system produces wonderful results.

For me, it was a gift.”

~ Markus Stockhausen


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