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Brahms Orchestra Studies for Trombone-Tuba By Johannes Brahms


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The orchestral studies presented here are supposed to give students, teachers, and colleagues the possibility of studying the complete trombone setting, including the tuba, with the help of clearly arranged material.

Passages which are not extremely difficult from a technical and musical point of view, but are quite characteristic of the way how Brahms arranged the low brass setting, have also been included. Often enough, the apparently simple triads and the homophonic voice-leading are quite difficult to to tune.

Particular emphasis was placed on the fact that each part can be studied separately and that there is a possibility of realizing an accurate sound image by playing together. For reasons of clearness, the individual passages are marked by numbers. Bar numbers at the beginning of each excerpt will help you find the appropriate positions in the scores. Cue notes and remarks on parallel instruments will give you an overall view of the general context.

Check a few samples to the left, then grab an immediate digital download above.

Excerpts Included

  • Symphony No.1
  • Symphony No.2
  • Symphony No.3
  • Symphony No.4
  • Academic Festival Overture
  • Tragic Overture
  • German Requiem
  • Song of Destiny
  • Nanie
  • Song of the Fates


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