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Bellstedt’s Complete Cornet Solo Album By Herman Jr. Bellstedt


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Collections of Herman Bellstedt’s cornet solos have been around before, but never this complete, and never with the full piano scores included. Bellstedt was not only one of the greatest cornet soloists of all time but also one of the greatest authorities on military music in the world.

His cornet solos are musical gems of individualistic style and charm, and his humorous compositions are inimitable. As an arranger for the Sousa band he showed excellent taste, and in my opinion, had no peer in this field. Many of the numbers of symphonic proportions played by the Sousa Band were arrangements of Mr. Bellstedt, and for many years a Sousa pro­gram would have seemed incomplete without one of his humorous hits. Mr. Sousa spoke in glowing terms of the ability and musical judgment of Herman Bellstedt, and this solo collection confirms his assessment.

I have included a few solo parts and piano parts in the samples. Give them a look then grab an immediate 135-page PDF download above.

Complete Solo List

  1. The American Boy
  2. Betty Lee
  3. Capriccio Brillante
  4. Carmen Fantasie
  5. The Carnival of Venice
  6. Fantasia No.1
  7. Introduction and Tarantelle
  8. La Coquette
  9. La Mandolinata
  10. A Little Peach
  11. Napoli
  12. Piece de Concerte
  13. Princess Alice
  14. Skyrocket
  15. The Student’s Sweetheart


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