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Charlie Parker’s 60 Melodies & Solos By Charlie Parker


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Move over “Omnibook”, there is a new, more comprehensive, and more accurate collection of the works of Charlie Parker. Michael Van Bebber has painstakingly transcribed and edited Charlie Parker’s melodies and solos while correcting over 1,000 errors contained in the original “Omnibook.”
You will enjoy easy-to-read notation with 4 measures per line, whenever possible, along with large, legible chord symbols. Key signatures are retained throughout for ease of reading, and trumpet parts have been included with counter-melodies (ossia staff) and harmonies. The entire book is in alphabetical order for easy location of tunes by title.

There are 7 variations of the book which you can choose from the dropdown menu above. You can purchase Concert Treble Clef, Eb, Bb trumpet, Bb Tenor (transposed up a Major 9th), Guitar (transposed 8va), F (horn), and Bass Clef (transposed 8vb), or you can get the entire collection at 75% off (!) for collaborating with colleagues.

Each tune includes complete personnel and recording information listed under each title. Note spellings are by function, meaning notes are spelled according to their chord tones on arpeggios and diatonic lines (except where lines are easier to read in stacks of 3rds instead of augmented 2nds, etc.), and chromatically for chromatic lines (sharps for ascending and flats for descending chromatic passages). This makes the solos much easier to read in real-time. Rehearsal numbers have been added at the start of each chorus, this allows for easy identification of choruses, intros and sendoffs.

Each version of the book is 160 pages, so a purchase of the complete collection above gets you an incredible 1120-page collection. Check out the first tune as transposed for each instrument in the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.


“The book is great. An iconic jazz reference book has just gotten better! The Charlie Parker Omnibook, a classic tool for saxophonists and improvisers, received a needed overhaul by Michael Van Bebber. Besides catching and correcting a variety of errors, he has included the personnel at the beginning of each transcription. I have already enjoyed sharing this book with my students.”

Ted Nash, Grammy-award-winning saxophonist and composer, alto saxophonist in the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra (directed by Wynton Marsalis).

“Michael Van Bebber has done a great service to jazz education by correcting former versions of Charlie Parker solos. Accurate chord progressions and key signatures are a welcome addition, making this collection an invaluable resource.”

Jim Snidero, alto saxophonist and professor at The New School

“Whenever I start a lesson program with a new student, one of the first books they need to acquire is the Charlie Parker Omnibook. However, inconsistencies and lack of accurate notation sometimes made the experience frustrating. With Michael’s new, meticulous transcriptions and information about the recordings, the student can really get an accurate experience and understanding of the architect of the bebop language.”

Francisco Torres, Grammy-award-winning trombonist, Member of Poncho Sanchez’ band.

Full Song Listing

  1. Ah-Leu-Cha
  2. An Oscar For Treadwell
  3. Another Hairdo
  4. Anthropology
  5. Au Privave (No. 1)
  6. Au Privave (No. 2)
  7. Back Home Blues
  8. Ballade
  9. Barbados
  10. Billie’s Bounce
  11. The Bird
  12. Bird Gets The Worm
  13. Bloomdido
  14. Blue Bird
  15. Blues (Fast)
  16. Blues For Alice
  17. Buzzy
  18. Cardboard
  19. Celebrity
  20. Chasin’ The Bird
  21. Cheryl
  22. Chi Chi
  23. Confirmation
  24. Constellation
  25. Cosmic Rays
  26. Dewey Square
  27. Diverse (Segment)
  28. Donna Lee
  29. K.C. Blues
  30. Kim (No. 1)
  31. Kim (No. 2)
  32. Klaunstance
  33. Ko Ko
  34. Laird Baird
  35. Leap Frog
  36. Marmaduke
  37. Merry-Go-Round
  38. Mohawk (No. 1)
  39. Mohawk (No. 2)
  40. Moose The Mooche
  41. My Little Suede Shoes
  42. Now’s The Time (No. 1)
  43. Now’s The Time (No. 2)
  44. Ornithology
  45. Parker’s Mood
  46. Passport
  47. Perhaps
  48. Red Cross
  49. Relaxin’ With Lee
  50. Scrapple From The Apple
  51. Segment
  52. Shaw ‘Nuff
  53. She Rote (No. 1)
  54. She Rote (No. 2)
  55. Si Si
  56. Steeplechase
  57. Thriving On A Riff
  58. Visa
  59. Warming Up A Riff
  60. Yardbird Suite

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