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5 Ways to Build Ultra Endurance on Trumpet (with Recordings) By Bill Knevitt


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Note: This product includes a zip file of Bill Knevitt’s personal audio lessons that originally accompanied this book. These 10 tracks total just under one hour of personal instruction from Bill Knevitt himself. For a limited time only, these audio clips are available as an add on for those who already own a copy of the book.

If your chops are worn out before the gig is over, this is the book for you! Containing five trumpet endurance routines per lesson, this 52-week course of study is based on the same types of exercises all the trumpet greats use. Finish this book and your fellow players will envy you as the player with “chops of iron!”

Why did Bill write this book? He explains “Who needs endurance? I do. You do. Every player in the world does. I have heard players criticized for having too much technique. (“His jazz renditions have too many notes.”) I have heard players criticized for playing too high. (“He plays so high it sounds like a squeal.”) But I have never heard a player criticized for having too much endurance. Neither have you. It’s one of those things you just can’t get too much of.”

There are samples as well as his introduction in the samples to the left, please take a look, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Please note: While the majority of the exercises are written out,  there are a few “companion books” that Bill uses as part of the Ultra-Endurance lessons: The Arban Method, Claude Gordon’s Daily Trumpet Routines, Herbert Clarke’s Technical Studies, and Sigmund Hering’s Fifty Recreational Studies, Forty Progressive Studies, and Thirty-two Etudes.

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