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45 Studies for Trumpet Op.45 By Erik Veldkamp


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When Franz Wohlfahrt wrote his famous two part study book for the violin, it quickly became a classic that is used to this day in string studios all over the world. These adaptations do not correlate with the violin level, as they end up being advanced studies on the trumpet, mainly due to the range and the flexibility required. What these do offer the intermediate to advanced player is the opportunity to play from a world class book of studies while having the challenge of extreme multiple tonguing, lip flexibility, endurance, range, and technique laid out in front of them. The first time you see music like this you do NOT want it to be on a gig. That is why we practice for the extremes in the practice room so we are ready for what professional life brings us when it comes.

This is the third of a large collection from Erik we have entitled “Veldkamp’s Advanced Study Collection”. Each of these books has been adapted and arranged for the modern trumpeter who is looking for material that pushes the envelope. As the challenges given to the modern player are always increasing, we need material that will push our limits, increase our range, test our endurance, and make sure that we are ready for anything that could be thrown at us in a professional setting.

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