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42 Etudes for Trumpet By B. Chakanov


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Russian trumpet studies are tremendously important because they have produced some of the most significant contributions to trumpet literature in the past century. The Russian school of trumpet playing has a distinct style, characterized by a rich, dark, and powerful sound, with an emphasis on strong, clear articulation and virtuosic technique.

Chakanov’s 42 Etudes for Trumpet is a perfect example of this. In the samples to the left you will find a selection of studies from the beginning, middle, and end of the this collection so you have an idea of how the difficulty progresses. These are melodic and interesting, challenging, and rewarding to polish up to the highest level.

The breadth of challenges in Russian studies help produce exceptional players, composers, and pedagogues, who have made significant contributions to trumpet literature and helped to establish a distinct approach to trumpet playing that is characterized by technical excellence, musical expressiveness, and a powerful sound.

Give the samples a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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