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33 Latin Standards (Combo-Orks) By Harry Huffnagle


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Harry Huffnagle and Ben Paisner were prolific composers of methods, studies, duets, and chamber music for all levels of brass players. This book, which is known as a “Combo-Ork” or a multiple orchestration book, includes two folios each with top and bottom parts, one folio is in Bb and the other is in C. Both books include chords for accompaniment with Piano, Guitar, Accordion, or Strings, which means you can make an ensemble out of whatever group you have on hand.

Perfect for band teachers, studio teachers, conservatories, or anyone who works with others for regular performance music, these Combo-Orks are just what you need to give yourself hours of performable tunes. These Latin charts include all of the classics. Look below for the full list, and click to the left for some samples in Bb and C.

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  1. A Turma Chorou (Guaracha)
  2. Acabaste (Bolero-Son)
  3. Adios (Tango)
  4. Adios, Mariquita Linda (Charapera)
  5. Always In My Heart (Fox Trot)
  6. Amor (Beguine)
  7. Ansiedad (Bolero-Beguine)
  8. Babalu (Afro-Cuban)
  9. Besame Mucho (Cancion Blues)
  10. Blen Blen Blen (Conga)
  11. Brazil (Samba-Fox Trot)
  12. Cachita (Rumba)
  13. Come To The Mardi Gras (Samba)
  14. Cuanto Le Gusta (Fox Trot)
  15. El Cumbanchero (Rumba-Guaracha)
  16. Frenesi (Rumba-Fox Trot)
  17. Green Eyes (Cancjon Bolero)
  18. O Guadalajara (Cancion-Tapatia)
  19. La Ultima Noche (Bolero)
  20. Made For Each Other (Tu Felicidad)
  21. Magic Is The Moonlight (Bolero)
  22. Mambo Jambo (Bright Mambo)
  23. Mambo No. 5
  24. Maria Elena (Waltz)
  25. My Adobe Hacienda (Fox Trot)
  26. I Perfidia (Rumba-Fox Trot)
  27. Recuerden La Ola Marina (Doggie) (Son-Montuno)
  28. Samba Lady
  29. Taboo (Afro Cuban)
  30. Tico Tico (Samba Fox Trot)
  31. Un Poquito De Tu Amor (Bolero-Mambo)
  32. Wha’ Happens? (Que Pasa?)
  33. You Belong To My Heart (Bolero-Fox Trot)

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