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2e Solo de Concert By Paul Vidal


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Paul Vidal was born in Toulouse, and studied at the conservatoires there and in Paris, under Jules Massenet at the latter. He won the Prix de Rome in 1883, one year before Claude Debussy. On 8 January 1886, in Rome, Vidal and Debussy performed Franz Liszt’s Faust Symphony at two pianos for Liszt himself, an after-dinner performance that Liszt apparently slept through (what a jerk!). Although lesser known that his contemporaries Debussy and Liszt, Vidal was vital to the French contemporary music scene.

Vidal’s 2nd Concert Solo for trombone and piano stands as an excellent showpiece for the instrument. The range is between C above the tenor clef staff and F and the bottom of the bass clef staff. Be prepared for eighth notes at quarter=126bpm and sixteenth notes at dotted quarter=56bpm.

Please view the first few pages in the samples then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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