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Trombone’s Sound (Solo Album for Trombone & Piano) By Various Authors


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From the Foreword:

Trombone is the instrument of great might and simultaneously of unique warmth. It’s acting most significant and sometimes even incompatible in the symphony orchestra, thus denying the opinion of its rather reserve function.

Trombone is the true orchestral force, generating now brilliant, no dramatic sounding, meanwhile able to depict something “now clandestine, now set free” (Rimsky-Korsakov).

Every music instrument requires much time, efforts and zeal, so as the true understanding of the timbre nature, peculiar intonations, range of depicted characters (e.g. fanfare, solemn-defiant energy and force). Trombone is not an exception. It should be scrupulously mastered from the first years studying. Hence the repertoire called forth to support any performer’s skill.

The collection is compiled by the well-known composer S.N. Poddubny, interested in symphony music. Unfortunately, there exists not much music for trombonist’s concert practice. Therefore it would be fine to scamper through the useful opuses prepared by the contemporary Petersburgian composers. The pieces are organized according to the scale of complexity.

I do believe, any piece entering this collection is the true tribute to the concert repertoire of modern trombonists.

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