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260 Studies on Register and Tonality for the Modern Trumpet By Francis Mason Findlay


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Are you interested in earning yourself a three octave range? Here is how Francis Mason Findlay outlines the process in his book, which is one of the rarest and hardest to find manuals on the topic in the world.

The first exercises in this book begin with the lowest key possible on the modern trumpet, one in which the average player will experience no difficulty in playing the scales and arpeggios through two octaves. If the fingering is unfamiliar, then indeed will the study proved beneficial aside from its value equalling the low and medium registers.  The student, perhaps, will then receive his first lesson in the mastery of unusual keys. The second group is similar to the first one only higher in pitch. Thus the groups progress by semitones, each group including the major part of the entire range. The higher register is approached so gradually that it prevents no real difficulty, provided of course that each group of studies is thoroughly mastered before proceeding to the next group. With completion of the group in F major and F minor, all the keys have been covered in the same manner and should be equally mastered. When this has been achieved, the high register has been extended to F# and the player has at his command the ample range of three octaves.

I have put some samples to the left so you can explore this invaluable treasure. When you are ready, click above for an immediate digital download.

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