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16 Standard Cornet Solos (Rollinson Album) By T.H. Rollinson


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Thomas H. “Rollie” Rollinson was a British bandleader and composer/arranger that moved to the United States to play with the Willimantic Brass Band and to study music at the Conference Providence Seminary. He may be best known by trumpeters as one of the earliest composers to make an authorized edition of Arban’s Conservatory Method, but he also arranged over 1200 pieces and wrote various other methods for the trumpet.

This long-lost collection of sixteen of his most beloved cornet solos is a perfect time capsule of the era. Fantastic polkas and fantasies that show off the virtuosity of the most loved instrument in its golden era are showcased in different forms, each more flashy than the last. This restoration project has brought an old and fragile catalog back in all its glory, making the solos really easy to read and ready for performance and studio practice.

To the left, you can see samples from this 154-page collection of solos. Below you will find the full song list, and above you can grab an immediate digital download. Special thanks to Vincent DiMartino for his help with this fantastic restoration project.

Solo Titles Included

  1. Hartmann, Alexis Grand Fantasia
  2. Levy, Young America Polka
  3. Hartmann, The Blue Bells of Scotland (Variations)
  4. Levy, Levyathan Polka
  5. Hazel, The Secret, Polka Brilliante
  6. Rollinson, Columbia Fantasia Polka
  7. Levy, Du Du Liegst, Variations
  8. Levy, Emily Polka
  9. Cox, Diana Polka
  10. Legendre, Anna Polka
  11. Hartmann, Facilita, Variations
  12. Levy, Grand Russian Fantasia
  13. Rollinson, Delecta Fantasia
  14. Gruenwald, Utopia Concert Waltz
  15. Rollinson, Heart and Hand Polka
  16. Hartmann, Weber’s Last Waltz, Variations


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