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Time To Swing! By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp’s “Time To Swing!” fills a HUGE gap in the world of trumpet duets. These hard-swinging duets are placed squarely at an intermediate level, while not sounding easy in any way. These are perfect for studio use, trumpet hangs, and recitals, and give players a chance to work on jazz articulation, swing, phrasing, and sound, all while playing some killer jazz charts.

These are a great mix of re-arranged jazz classics like “I Got Rhythm” and “Preacher”, pop classics like a jazzed-up “Meet the Flintstones”, and tons of Erik Veldkamp originals, all of which will really keep you on your toes.

Erik recorded every single one of these forty new duets, and the full recordings are included with the books. You can buy volume 1 or 2 alone, or save a bunch of cash by buying them both at once.

Below you can hear audio that goes with the samples to the left. Check them out, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

“I Got Rhythm” (Vol.1)

Jazz Duet 17 (Vol.2)

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