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The Modern Trombonist By Tommy Dorsey


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The Modern Trombonist by Tommy Dorsey is subtitled “A Complete Method for the Trombone”. It is an extremely comprehensive method complete in every detail. It takes the student from the very beginning, step by step, through a systematic course of lessons, up to and including difficult technical studies for the advanced player. In preparing the book for publication, special consideration was given to the text; every detail, no matter how small, is explained in simple, understandable language, so that any student of average intelligence will immediately be able to grasp the meaning of any phrase or sentence. All of the illustrations accompanying the text in the beginning of the book were posed by Tommy Dorsey, personally. Each picture is an accurate representation of exactly what Tommy intended to portray to the student.

There are many many samples available to the left, and if you make it all the way to the end you can grab a friend and play Dorsey’s first duet for free. Then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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