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Swinging Trumpet Quintets Vol.2 By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp’s all-new, 50-quintet collection of jazz standards for 5 trumpets is here, carrying on the legacy of his jazz standard sets for 2, 4, and now 5 trumpet players. What makes this collection so special? Simple. You get 50 Jazz Standards expertly arranged by Erik Veldkamp (Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, and Professor of Trumpet Technique at Amsterdam University) and the entire set includes complete audio demos of actual performances along with another set of audio files of the backing tracks to give your own performance an extra edge.

This is a really nice progression of difficulty through the volumes, with more than enough here to challenge players at all levels. These 5 books get gradually and progressively more difficult, are very idiomatic, expertly arranged, and an absolute delight to both perform and listen to. The quartets you find here are at home both in the studio, the home, and the concert hall and make great material for performance opportunities of all sorts.

In writing the description for this collection I have been at a bit of a loss. There simply are no other sets of 5 trumpet jazz arrangements in existence to compare these to. In the quartet realm you have the Mancini’s (though they aren’t jazzy at all) but when it comes to quintet, this is uncharted territory, and I am thrilled that Erik took this on to give trumpeters a new avenue for jazz performance.

Each volume purchase includes:

1. Separate PDFs for Trumpets 1-5, Score, and a Lead-sheet with chords;
2. One folder of complete audio performance tracks for study;
3. One folder of audio backing tracks for play-along performance.

To the left you will find some samples, and below you can see the song list and audio examples from this volume. When you are ready click above for an immediate digital download.

Complete your set of this 5-volume collection right here.

Listen to Come Fly With Me

Listen to All of Me

Song list

  1. Fred My Pal
  2. Come Fly With Me
  3. Lil Darlin
  4. Honeysuckle Rose
  5. All Of Me
  6. Sometime Ago
  7. St. Thomas
  8. O Mama Enit
  9. Strollin’
  10. Candy

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