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Really Big Student Songbook in Eb By Eric Bolvin


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Welcome to The REALLY BIG Student Songbook in Eb Treble Clef. Eric’s motivation for creating this book comes from twenty years of working with beginning and intermediate students. Once a student has learned his or her first notes, he scans the entire band book in search of familiar song titles and attempts to play them. This student hasn’t learned dotted rhythms or slurs yet, but this won’t deter him from playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony or Little Brown Jug. Melody is what makes the musical world go ’round. With all of the great music and great composers, one might think that all of the great “melodies” have been used up. Well, if they have, then this book is all you need!

Melody is what makes a piece unique and identifiable, and for that matter, copyrightable, although all the songs in this book are in the public domain. Music is, in essence, about the song. And the song is about the melody.

Melody can be used effectively to teach new rhythms. For example when it’s time for a student to learn dotted quarter notes, I have them play America or America The Beautiful. For dotted eighth notes, Christmas Tree or Here Comes The Bride work well. For 6/8 meter Over The River or Irish Washerwoman are good selections. Once the student has learned these simple songs, they can always be referred to if a particular rhythm is forgotten.

Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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