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Practical Part Playing Duets By Ben Paisner


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This book by Ben Paisner is hard to categorize. It is a Jazz Method because it teaches young players how to interpret various swing styles and it offers up a second part for either the teacher or a fellow student. It is a method book in the sense that it is teaching with instructions at the top of each duets. It is a jazz duet book because you can happily sit down and play the entire thing with a friend and have a blast. It is best I leave the description up to the author. Below is what he said. Be sure to try the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

“Study material which is at once melodic and practical is hard to find. Most of the old fashioned studies are poor rhythmically and harmonically. Many of the “newer” books lack interesting fresh melodies and rhythmically are usually based on monotone exercises or scale-wise passages.

PRACTICAL PART PLAYING is fresh, original, and almost entirely contrapuntal. Success in orchestra, band, and ensemble playing depends upon the development of players who can phrase independently and tastefully. This set of books marks a step forward in study literature.

These studies will increase reading speed and accuracy, enhance musical taste, develop confidence in players, create greater interest in further study, and lead the instrumentalist into a broader appreciation of music and its value in a richer life.”

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