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Polonaise for Cornet and Band By D. Gatti


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From the forward:

“When I was in college in the 1970’s, I purchased a book of cornet etudes in a used-book store. It was called the World’s Method, published in 1914, and is a wonderful collection of etudes, methods, and duets representing the tail end of the grand cornet tradition of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Although the composer is uncredited in the book, I later learned that it was written by Domenico Gatti, a fairly popular Italian composer of the time. 

Over the next couple of decades, I played through the book many times, and grew to love it all, especially the etudes. After I began composing in 2000, I decided to turn one of my favorite etudes into a cornet solo for band accompaniment. The etude, after a slow-tempo opening, goes into a Polonaise style, so I titled it Gatti’s Polonaise.”

To the left you will find sample pages of the score, solo, and parts. Take a look through them, and then click above for an immediate PDF download of the whole piece.

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