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Modern Christmas Classics Bundle By Various Authors


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We will never stop releasing new takes on modern classics. In the world of Christmas brass music, it is so easy for the tunes to get stale and attention of both audiences and students to wander. With this collection of the latest play-along and Christmas recital music, you get a huge set of modern takes on traditional classics for pennies on the dollar. This collection includes 23 downloads across every instrument type, demos, and play-alongs, so this is our most extensive Christmas collection ever made.

Playing new arrangements of Christmas music in fresh styles on the trumpet brings joy through creative exploration. Transforming traditional tunes injects excitement and surprise, offering a unique experience for both audiences and students. The fusion of classic melodies with contemporary genres, such as jazz or pop, adds a modern twist that resonates with diverse musical tastes. This dynamic approach revitalizes old-fashioned music, making it relevant and appealing to a broader audience. For students, this innovation not only fosters skill development but also instills a sense of creativity and adaptability. The process of reinterpreting familiar tunes allows musicians to express individuality, encouraging a deeper connection with the music. In essence, playing new arrangements breathes life into Christmas classics, captivating listeners and inspiring students by making the old feel refreshingly new.

This bundle includes not only the latest, but also the most popular Christmas books in our catalog, so we know this is going to be a hit. Click below for writeups on the individual books, check the samples to the left for all of the cover images, and click above for an immediate digital download.

Books Included

  1. Veldkamp, A Swingin’ Christmas Play-Along
  2. Veldkamp, Christmas Flexibility Big Book
  3. Veldkamp, 15 Popular Christmas Songs for Three
  4. Veldkamp, 15 Popular Christmas Songs for Two
  5. Stone, A Christmas Jam Play-Along
  6. Kemp, Christmas in Brass (Holiday Songs & Melodies)

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