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How To Become a Professional Trumpet Player (Recording) By Bill Knevitt


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Note: This product is an audio recording, not a trumpet book.

Now that we have added all of the recorded lessons that go along with Bill Knevitt’s books, we are taking a moment to also add two full length lesson albums that do not correspond to any particular book. Instead they cover a topic in depth like only Bill Knevitt can, and is the next best thing to having a lesson with the man himself.

In this audio album, you get 15 tracks that explore the Secret to becoming a professional trumpeter. It covers all areas of playing with advice on how to get your foot in the door, how to improve specific areas of your playing, and what types of literature you should be familiar with. The audio tapes are in a wonderful conversational style, and though they aren’t of modern podcast standard, they are perfectly serviceable for giving you a glimpse into what Bill Knevitt thought about professional trumpet playing.

Below is a sample, have a listen then grab a download of a zip file with the rest of the tracks above.

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