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Great Duets Level 1 By Lowell Little


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All excellent instrumentalists will agree that some of the most valuable and enjoyable experiences in their musical development have been the study and performing of duets with teachers and fellow performers. The playing of duets should be an important phase of private study in addition to the conventional technique, scale, and etude studies. The duets contained here will help greatly to improve independence of reading, rhythm, pitch accuracy balance, phrasing, dynamics, all-round musicianship, as well as prove to be enjoyable to the players. The melodic responsibility. The tempo indicated for each duet is the suggested proper one after mastery is obtained.

The compiler-editor of these duets has searched for the world famous duets of the past masters of instrumental music. Among those composers represented are: Arban, Saint-Jacome, Koenig, Forestier, Caussinus, Guilbaut, Gatti, And Clodomir. Extracts have been taken from their representative works, outlining the most essential and characteristic music of the authors. The Level 1 books may be begun by the student following a few months of primary instruction. The Level 2 books demand a more advanced technical development through keys of advancing difficulty. Each Level (1 and 2) is published in three books showing the instruments for which they are intended on the cover. By using a combination of the three books it is possible for them to be performed by either two like instruments or by many duos of different instruments.

*A purchase of this item gets you all 3 books in the set. Level II can be found right here.

The possible instrument combinations are as follows:

A Book: May be performed by any two Trumpets, two French Horns, two Treble Clef Baritones, or two Bb Clarinets. All instruments above except French Horn may combine with Alto Saxophone or Alto Clarinet playing from B-Book with any Bass Clef in­strument playing from C-Book, such as: Trombone, Bass Clef Baritone, Bassoon, or Cello.

B Book: May be performed by any two Alto Saxophones, two Tenor Saxophones, two Flutes, two Oboes, two like Clarinets, or two Violins, or mixture of Flutes, Oboes, and Violins. Alto Saxophone may combine with any Bb Treble Clef instrument playing from A-Book or with any Bass Clef instrument playing from C-Book.

C Book: Maybe performed by any two or a mixture of Trombones, Bass Clef Baritones, Bassoons, or Celli. These instruments may com­bine with Trumpet, Treble Clef Baritones, or Bb Clarinet play­ing from A-Book or with Alto Saxophone playing from B-Book.

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