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Grand Modern Method for Trumpet By Narcisse Bizet


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Narcisse Bizet’s Grand Modern Method for Trumpet is in both French and English and was originally published under the title “Grande Méthode Moderne, Progressive et Pratique de Trompette.” It is so thrilling to make this book available, it is literally being pulled from the jaws of extinction; Only one copy exists outside of private collections in North America, and until now it has not been available for over 75 years. This book is the culmination of a very large restoration project, as the original was fantastically worn. As you can see from the samples it has been restored to its previous glory, ready for the modern trumpeter it was written for.

There is so much material here that I will not name it all, but this is a complete grand method and does cover everything from the basics, to duets, to solos. Here is a quick rundown. Be sure to check the samples then get yourself an immediate PDF download above.

Part 1: Attack Exercises, Attack Duets, Interval Studies, Scale Studies, Fork Fingerings, Chromatic Scales, Ornaments, Trills, Cadenzas, Multiple Tongue, Finishing Studies.

Part 2: Duets by the author, duets by colleagues, Porret Trio, Camus Trumpet Quartet, Solos by Hillemacher, Pessard, Chapuis, Alary, Erlanger, D’Ollone, Dallier, Gedalge, and Busser.

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