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Drone Scale & Chord Studies (Play-Along) By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp knows that trumpet players should use a drone daily to improve their playing. It provides a stable reference pitch, helping you develop better intonation and pitch control. Additionally, practicing with a drone allows trumpet players to focus on tone quality and phrasing without the distraction of accompaniment, but with the accountability of a pure and unwavering reference note.

Drone Scale & Chord Studies: Simply put, trumpet players should use a drone when doing scale and chord studies for several essential reasons:

Intonation and Pitch Control: Playing scales and chords with a drone provides a consistent reference pitch, helping trumpet players develop a keen sense of intonation. This is crucial because precise intonation is essential for creating a harmonious and in-tune ensemble sound. Practicing with a drone helps players train their ears to adjust their pitch and develop better control over their instrument.

Tonal Center Awareness: When practicing scales and chords with a drone, trumpet players can reinforce their understanding of the tonal center or key of a piece. This is especially important for improvisation and playing by ear, as it helps musicians establish a strong connection between the notes they play and the underlying harmonic structure.

Tone Quality and Expression: Working with a drone allows trumpet players to focus on producing a consistent and pleasing tone quality. By removing the need to worry about pitch fluctuations, players can pay more attention to their embouchure, breath support, and articulation, leading to a more controlled and expressive performance.

Rhythmic Precision: While drones are typically static in pitch, they can still be used to practice rhythmic accuracy. Trumpet players can vary the rhythm of their scale or chord exercises while maintaining a constant drone, helping them improve their sense of timing and rhythmic feel.

Using these drones through ten chapters of scale and chord studies will help you develop better intonation, tonal center awareness, tone quality, and rhythmic precision. It’s a valuable tool for honing fundamental skills and becoming a more versatile and proficient musician.

To the left, you’ll find samples that you can play on Bb or C trumpet with the audio below. Give it a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Your download includes:

  1. Drone Flexibility Book
  2. MP3 Play-Along Drones (Bb Trumpet)
  3. MP3 Play-Along Drones (C Trumpet)

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Drone for sample pages (Bb Trumpet)

Drone for sample pages (C Trumpet)

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