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Drone Flexibility Studies (Play-Along) By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp knows that trumpet players should use a drone daily to improve their playing. It provides a stable reference pitch, helping you develop better intonation and pitch control. Additionally, practicing with a drone allows trumpet players to focus on tone quality and phrasing without the distraction of accompaniment, but with the accountability of a pure and unwavering reference note.

Drone Flexibility Studies formerly “Your Daily Drone Studies (Flex)” is a play-along of daily drone studies that, once added to your routine, will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. These play-along drone studies work on your flexibilities in a progressive way, in all keys, through 5 chapters of increasing difficulty and complexity. The best part? Instead of boring drones, you get extremely interesting, atmospheric, relaxing tonal drones in each key center that you will never get bored of listening to. The pleasant aural landscape Erik has created here will keep you grounded and focused while working on your intonation, flexibility, and clean technical facility. Drone studies are the most practical and most easily accessible form of focused practice and it is impossible to recommend them enough.

Below I have included the Bb trumpet drone and the C trumpet drone that you can use for your respective instrument with the sample pages provided to the left. A download of this book includes a full set of drones for both Bb and C trumpet, making it easy to jump around the chapters without having to transpose anything.

Check out the samples and give them a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Your download includes:

  1. Drone Flexibility Book
  2. MP3 Play-Along Drones (Bb Trumpet)
  3. MP3 Play-Along Drones (C Trumpet)

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Listen To Erik Perform Study 5.2

Listen To Erik Perform Study 5.12


Drone for sample pages (Bb Trumpet)

Drone for sample pages (C Trumpet)

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