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The Developing Trumpet Player By Bill Knevitt


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Some trumpet methods contain only exercises, which young students often find to be boring. Others contain only music, which often does little to promote technical development. This book, written for the school-aged player, has both!

Each lesson has a full practice routine to develop the fundamentals needed to become an outstanding player. But in addition to the practice routine, each lesson also contains several pieces of musical literature to help the student develop musically, and to keep interest at a high level.

The songs in this book are in the styles of Classical, Jazz, Rock, and Ballad. You will notice that throughout the book, simple, beautiful melodies are interspersed. In my opinion, it is many times harder to play a melody with good intonation, proper phrasing, and all the rest that goes into making beautiful music, than to play something that is purely technical.

This books is specifically geared toward the trumpet teacher looking to spark renewed interest in young students.

Please check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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