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Chord Studies for Trombone By Joseph Viola


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* This listing is in bass clef for trombone. Trumpet version is here.

This massive, 170 -page book of chord structure studies, summary studies, and chord sequence studies is the backbone of modern instrumental jazz study. Absolutely everything you could ever need to know about improvising over, and breaking down chord structures is in here, all beautifully annotated by the author himself. Let’s check out his foreword, see some samples to the left, then grab an immediate download above.

This book is designed to assist the student in attaining the level of proficiency necessary to cope with the varied demands of the field of professional music.

A conscientious study of the following materials will enable the student to develop aural awareness as well as visual familiarity and manual dexterity with chords, their auxiliaries, and their high degrees.

This book may also be used as:

  1. A source of material for exercises in articulation
  2. An instrumental ear training method
  3. Anaidto the development of improvisational skills

My sincerest thanks to Joe Viola, from whose book, “Chord Studies for Saxophone” this book has been derived.”

~ Phil Wilson

Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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