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Trumpets Today, Jazz Duets By Bud Brisbois


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Bud Brisbois’ “Trumpets Today Jazz Duets” stands as a great follow-up and companion piece to his high note method “A Planned program in building the high register” (LINK).

These duets are a great mixture of original tunes and reworked classics (like the Grieg Piano Concerto) that have been adapted using the jazz vocabulary to give you a good laugh and a great challenge on your instrument. All intermediate and advanced players should aspire to these compositions. They demonstrate an excellent command of the instrument and they push the envelope of musical expression.

Check out the entire first duet in the samples, then grab a PDF download or print copy by clicking above. Here is a sample of how they sound with Bud on the horn. The full set of mp3 recordings comes with the purchase of the digital and/or print editions!

Whiz Boy: Duet No.1

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