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Bolvin Complete Trombone Collection By Eric Bolvin


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Eric Bolvin books are a rarity in the world of low brass. Very focused and specific, while being incredibly well thought out and organized for maximum efficacy. Ever since we re-formatted his Arban Manual we have been helping people work their way through every inch of the Arban Book, warming up properly, increasing their flexibility, and diving deep into the jazz idiom, all using Eric’s publications.

Below we have bundled all six of Eric Bolvin’s trombone books at a 40% discount. This deal won’t last long, so check out writeups at the links below, samples to the left, and grab an immediate PDF download above.

  1. Bolvin, Arban Manual
  2. Bolvin, The Progresive Warm Up for Trombone
  3. Bolvin, Flex On The Move for Trombone
  4. Bolvin, The Modern Jazz Method For Trombone
  5. Bolvin, Really Big Student Songbook in Bass Clef
  6. Bolvin, Lesson Plan & Manuscript

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