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Blue’s Moods (Complete Album Transcription) By Blue Mitchell


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This album is considered by many to be the finest example of Blue Mitchell’s ability on the trumpet. Of his seven Riverside recordings, only this set — along with three numbers on Blue Soul — feature Mitchell as the only horn. Joined by pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Roy Brooks, the trumpeter is typically distinctive, swinging, and inventive within the hard bop genre. He performs four standards, plus Ronnell Bright’s “Sweet Pumpkin,” the obscure “Avars,” and a pair of originals in fine fashion.

This book is part of a project by Erik Veldkamp to transcribe the complete albums of Blue Mitchell, note for note. There is no better way to dive into the vocabulary of one of the greatest jazz players in history, than to see his solos come to life on the page.

To the left you will find one transcription for free, below you will find the song list, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.

Song List

  1. I’ll Close My Eyes
  2. Avars
  3. Scrapple from the Apple
  4. Kinda Vague
  5. Sir John
  6. When I fall in Love
  7. Sweet Pumpkin
  8. I Wish I Knew

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