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Vacchiano/Bach Complete Duo Concertos By William Vacchiano


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This massive volume includes all 6 of William Vacchiano’s arrangements of the Bach Duo Concertos. The six included concertos are listed below as well as his editor’s note with tips on practice and maintaining good form and a healthy routine. Give these a shot, there is no better test of your endurance, precision, and musicality.

The first page of each duo is excerpted to the left. Click the book cover and grab a friend, you will have a blast!

Editor’s Note by William Vacchiano

These beautiful piano concertos, which have been transcribed for two trumpets, offer the players highly challenging yet enjoyable practice material. Bear in mind, however, that due to the trumpeters’ 2 1/2 octave range and limited endurance one should fashion his or her practice after the following:

1) never play more than 64 bars at one time;
2) switch off between 1st and 2nd parts as necessary;
3) change the register (if too low or too high) to suit individual capabilities;
4) don’t under play for the sake of endurance- play with a full, singing sound,
but rest often;
5) vary the speed according to technical abilities of the trumpeters;
6) work towards your “ceiling” without overblowing and risking embouchure
7) Have fun!

Difficult but enjoyable, challenging but satisfying. Are you up to the challenge?

Available in the complete set or individually:

Concerto in D Minor (BWV 1052)
Concerto in C Major (BWV 1053)
Concerto in C Major (BWV 1054)
Concerto in F Major (BWV 1055)
Concerto in A Minor (BWV 1056)
Concerto in E Minor (BWV 1058)

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Vacchiano/Bach Complete Duo Concertos, Vacchiano/Bach Duo Concerto BWV 1052, Vacchiano/Bach Duo Concerto BWV 1053, Vacchiano/Bach Duo Concerto BWV 1054, Vacchiano/Bach Duo Concerto BWV 1055, Vacchiano/Bach Duo Concerto BWV 1056, Vacchiano/Bach Duo Concerto BWV 1058


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