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Ad Lib for All Instruments By Bugs Bower


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Bower’s Ad Lib for all Instruments is a jazz instruction book containing “Ad Lib” choruses on 24 standard and original songs. The premise of this book is simple, and it lays a very strong foundation for the basics of improvisation that absolutely anyone can understand. This manual is in treble clef and is meant for any and all instruments.

Bower breaks down three ways to improvise on a melody. “Chord Form” which is based on the chord tones of the song, “Scale form” based on the notes found in the scale tones of the song’s major scale, and “Combined forms” where improvisation is a mixture of chord tones and scale forms.

This book includes 24 tunes, and each one is systematically broken down into each type of improvisational pattern before you eyes. Once you work your way through all of them, you can easily perform the same task on any tune you come across.

Check out the first tune for free to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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