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School of Etudes for Trombone By Ernst Gaetke



This book was published for a time as Ernst Gaetke's “60 Studies for Trombone” and is a set of etudes that (very surprisingly) has gone out of print. Part of our mission at qPress is bring out of print works back into circulation, and back in the hand of eager trombonists all over the world. For some reason, when this book was re-released in the 60's, it was published with only Gaetke's 60 studies. This edition, taken from Gaetke's original, also includes 10 lessons from Gaetke himself about various aspects of trombone musicianship. These lessons are interspersed among the studies and add another 12 pages to the old edition.

The author writes: “The instructive matter and the exercises combined in this School are divided up into 10 parts, each preceded by an introduction. The figures indicating the respective registers and partly marked, refer to the so-called auxiliary or additional slides which the performance of modern music, with its increased technical difficulties, renders absolutely indispensable. Any uncertainty at first of ?embouchure, or of intonation, producing a brittle tone may be overcome by practice.”

These etudes are featured in Royal Conservatory Exams and thus are practiced by nearly all aspiring trombonists. They are approachable and progressive, gradually increasing in range, rhythm, and interval size, just as you would hope from a well laid out etude book.

I have attached the first few pages as samples to the left. Give them a try they grab an immediate PDF download above.

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