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56 Progressive Duets By Clifford Lillya


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Clifford Lillya and Irving Tallmadge collaborated to create this wonderful set of 56 Progressive Duets for Trumpet. Below they give their rationale for creating this book, and when you read them you will realize that this is exactly the kind of book you have been looking for! Check out some samples pages to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

1. Numbers include most common keys and rhythms, presented in logical sequence. One difficulty is introduced ?at a time, and is amply developed though subsequent pages.
2. Upper and lower voices are equally interesting. There are no dull after-beat parts, and none that are just “filling.”
3. Alternate passages (in small notes) encourage development of the complete normal range of the instruments.
4. Many national favourites have been included, so arranged that they are excellent for public performance.
5. The resources of contrapuntal writing have been used to make these duets harmonically rich and satisfying. Piano accompaniment is not necessary.
6. The numbers can be performed by any two players, or by groups of players on different instruments.
7. These duets offer the best possible method of developing independent part-reading ability. Each voice is independent, yet is indispensable to the other.
8. Whether used by the private teacher, by small ensembles, or by large groups, these duets offer an unexcelled medium for developing self-reliance in counting, intonation, blending, precision and the many other elements of well-rounded musicianship.

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