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25 Duets for Trumpet/Trombone By Harry Prendiville



Harry Prendiville’s 25 Duets is exactly what the brass repertoire needs. The set comes with interchangeable parts so that nearly any mix of brass players can play together and in includes a piano part to turn them into full on performance concert duets.

The first page in the samples shows you an index of all of the tunes included, and your purchase comes with a single file with parts ready for double sided printing:

  • Trumpet 1
  • Trumpet 2
  • Trombone/Baritone BC 1
  • Trombone/Baritone BC 2
  • Piano Score

This is a wonderful collection. Have a look around the samples and see for yourself, then grab a PDF download above. Here is the full list of tunes:

  1. Greeting / Franz Abt
  2. A bird in hand / Joseph L. Roeckel
  3. On the Danube River / Hamilton Aïde
  4. The hour of parting / Bellini
  5. La manola : (This happy day) / Paul Hension
  6. Hark! hark! how sweetly! / Schubert
  7. Pray tell me the wish of thy heart / Alice Hawthorne
  8. Like the lark / Franz Abt
  9. O swallow, happy swallow! / F. Kucken
  10. Ah, was it him my heart foretold : La traviata / Verdi
  11. Ah, could I teach the nightingale / Ch. Keller
  12. How can I leave thee? / H. Cramer
  13. The bridesmaids’ duet / G. Donizetti
  14. In the starlight / Stephen Glover
  15. Happy moments / J.M. Deems
  16. The rose and the laurel tree : op. 6 / A.E. Grell
  17. The moon is beaming o’er the lake / J. Blockley
  18. O, wert thou in the cauld blast / Mendelssohn
  19. Whispering hope / Alice Hawthorne
  20. Alice where art thou? / J. Ascher
  21. Come when the soft twilight falls / R. Schumann
  22. Has sorrow thy young days shaded? / Thos. Moore
  23. The hunter’s song / F. Kucken
  24. Parting whispers / Alice Hawthorne
  25. The flower’s prayer / Fr. Abt

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