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12 Duos of JS Bach By Joannes Rochut


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As trombone players, it is important that we preserve the literature of our most renowned performers. Johannes Rochut’s publications have been a mainstay for trombonists for a century, and his transcriptions of Bordogni have become not only a benchmark for lyrical playing on the instrument, but also one of the most important collections of study books in the entire trombone literature.

When Rochut chose to take from Bach’s Two-Part Inventions he took a similar approach as he did the Bordogni; That is to say, he made them challenging and rewarding while remaining idiomatic and approachable to players at all levels. The fact that these Bach Inventions were published by Rochut legitimizes the adaptation of these pieces for our instrument. This is a specifically curated collection taken from Bach’s Two-Part inventions, not a complete transcription of an entire cycle. Each was chosen for their particular attributes, just like he did with Bordogni’s Vocalises, to ensure the final arrangements were approachable, musical, and natural on our instrument.

These duets are a worthy challenge. Each one stands alone as a potential piece of performance literature and will surely be mainstays of college studios, masterclasses, and recitals for years to come. Please enjoy this newly engraved edition, it was an absolute pleasure bringing this book back into circulation.

Please play the first duet for free in the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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