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Woods, Progressive Jazz Trumpeter Vol.1 (Play-Along) By Kevin Woods


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“The Progressive Jazz Trumpeter,” authored by the renowned trumpeter Kevin Woods, is a groundbreaking series that transcends traditional music instruction. This collection comprises multiple volumes, each presenting twelve meticulously crafted jazz tunes with chord changes. What sets this series apart is its unique approach, offering compositions initially at an intermediate level and then again at an advanced level of jazz vocabulary. Kevin Woods not only shares his musical expertise but also provides a valuable learning experience for trumpeters at different skill levels.

The inclusion of demo recordings featuring Woods performing each tune at both intermediate and advanced levels adds a dynamic dimension to the learning process. Furthermore, the series offers play-along tracks, isolating the rhythm section, and enabling aspiring trumpeters to practice, perform, and improvise independently. “The Progressive Jazz Trumpeter” not only fosters technical proficiency but also nurtures creativity and musical expression, making it an indispensable resource for musicians seeking to elevate their jazz trumpet skills.

To the left I have included the first tune in both intermediate and advanced levels, along with the full table of contents for Volume One. Below you can hear Kevin perform both tunes, so give them a listen, then try the isolated play-along track on your own!

Song List

  1. Irreplaceable-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on There Will Never Be Another You)
  2. Giggle Bounce-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on Joy Spring)
  3. Green Energy-Intermediate & Advanced (Based of Solar)
  4. Amore Infinito-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on There is No Greater Love)
  5. Ain’t Gonna Happen-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on But Not for Me)
  6. Surprise!-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on Out of Nowhere)
  7. The Kids Are Asleep-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on Alone Together)
  8. Just be Blunt-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on Emily)
  9. Who’s She?-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on I’ll Remember April)
  10. Fisherwoman’s Wharf-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on On Green Dolphin Street)
  11. Hindsight-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on After You’ve Gone)
  12. Fantastica di Baronessa-Intermediate & Advanced (Based on Nica’s Dream)

Listen to Kevin Perform Irreplaceable (Intermediate)

Listen to Kevin Perform Irreplaceable (Advanced)

Play-Along with Irreplaceable

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