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Vital Brass Notes By Charles Colin


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Charles Colin, in Vital Brass Notes, has written so many gems that it is impossible to put them all in this description. Let me try some: “Disregard gullible obsessions such as: thinner lips, more weight, playing two-thirds on the top lip, visa versa, etc. . . . Give no thought that this holds the key to the secret of one’s success. Don’t be obsessed with the idea that a radical change will bring about immediate success and solve all your troubles.”


“Although most articulation theories bring results, there is one genuinely hied and tested approach, that developed by Arban in 1850. His instructive comments found in the preface of his undisputed and outstanding trumpet methods is a masterful work of logic. He emphatically states, “The tongue does not strike.” He insists the procedure is just the reverse. The only purpose of the tongue is to act as a valve in order to resist the onrushing column of air.”

Colin goes through all areas of playing, removes the noise and detritus, and leaves you with the bare essentials you need to play your best.

Read a bit for free in the samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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