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The Ultra-Trumpet Crash Course for Home Study (With Audio) By Bill Knevitt


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This is a complete 202-page, 52-week course of instruction for the trumpet by the great Bill Knevitt.  The standard refrain from players who adopt this program is that it has become their complete routine. Each lesson covers all the necessary skills to play trumpet with ease, and as the book is broken up into 52 lessons, it works out to an easily digestible one-year course of trumpet instruction.

This book now includes 50 Hours of audio! For the first time ever you have a chance to go through every single lesson in this course will Bill Knevitt himself. These audio lessons are the closest you can ever get to a lesson with the late-great author, and they are an absolute treasure to have them preserved. Some of the files sound about as good as you can expect for the age, other sounds extremely good. I have picked out a random track to show the representative quality so you have an idea. With enough interest I could have these digitally remastered, so show your support by grabbing the whole lot.

Throughout the 52-lesson course, Bill references a handful of other books. That is why, as of today, we are offering a Complete Bundle including all 8 required books along with the 50 hours of audio all in one easy package for 60% OFF! Here is what you get:

Complete 7-Book Course Option Includes These Complete Books  ↓

  1. Knevitt, The Ultra-Trumpet Crash Course
  2. Knevitt, Ultra Trumpet Crash Course (MP3s) 50 Hours!
  3. Knevitt, Building a Strong and Flexible Embouchure
  4. Knevitt, The Truth About How to Play Double High C
  5. Hering, 32 Etudes for Trumpet
  6. Hering, 40 Progressive Etudes
  7. Staigers, Flexibility Studies
  8. Clarke, Technical Studies for the Cornet
  9. Arban, Complete Conservatory Method

Included in the samples is the entire first lesson. This gives you an idea of how each is laid out. Grab your horn and give it a try, I guarantee you will be clamoring for more.

Listen to Selections from Lesson 2

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2 reviews for The Ultra-Trumpet Crash Course for Home Study (With Audio)

  1. Andrew Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve just bought the download for this, as having played for 40+ years, I was looking for something new that was well structured and gave me a fresh focus on practise and continued development.

    Everything is well set out with lots of variety and I like the way that it links to established tutor books i.e. Arban, Clarke etc. however a foreword or introductory section from the composer would have helped immensely, to steer the student in the correct direction, with hints on how to space the work throughout a practise session(s) or day and avoid bad habits.

    All the same, it looks good so will see how things pan out. Let battle commence!

    Star rating is a “before” trying out!

  2. Ken Carter

    I am on lesson 28 and am really enjoying the lessons. Every week he explains each routine and demonstrates each one. the sound recordings are not always good but you can tell that he was a great player. I like his systematic approach and have noticed much inprovement in all areas of my playing. I highly reccomend this course especially if you are struggling with what to practice. Some of the stuff seems too easy at first but each lesson builds on the previous one and pretty soon you are able to do things that may have seemed impossible before.

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