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The Creative Listener By Brett Copeland


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This book series by Brett Copeland, Dakota Corbliss, Derek Ganong, and Austin Seybert, is specifically designed for the applied music instructor who wishes to augment their teaching methodology with audiation concepts. It requires no special training or knowledge on the part of the music instructor, and provides ways to make audiation a part of their pedagogy. There are ready-to-use examples here, and we have provided online resources to make it even easier to incorporate audiation into your private studio. We hope that you will come to value audiation as a vital part of your teaching practice.

Have you ever considered what processes are occurring when you engage with music? What goes on in your brain when you are listening to music, performing, reading, writing, or improvising? Edwin Gordon shows us that no matter what your skill or experience level may be, the end result of engaging with music is the same: giving meaning to sound.

Research shows that audiation is one of the most important contributors to student success in core music curricula. Despite this body of research and the availability of resources, the use of audiation-specific pedagogy in the applied music classroom is not commonplace. This is due to a variety of factors that range from the lack of exposure to this topic in terminal degrees to the academic separation of musicianship and performance in music curricula worldwide.

Your purchase of this method includes two books and five sets of play-along tracks:

Purchase Includes

  1. The Creative Listener PDF (Treble Clef)
  2. The Creative Listener PDF (Bass Clef)
  3. The Creative Listener (Drones)
  4. The Creative Listener (Bb MP3s)
  5. The Creative Listener (C MP3s)
  6. The Creative Listener (Eb MP3s)
  7. The Creative Listener (F MP3s)

To the left, you will find some samples from the teaching materials, and above you can find an immediate PDF download of the entire series for all instruments at one low price.

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