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The Brass Player By Charles Colin


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Charles Colin sums up this text perfectly in his foreword: “l am aware that there are many different instructional approaches to brass playing, and that these diverse theories can be the source of confusion to students attempting to appraise the merits of each. In this book, I am hopeful of clearing some of the muddy water by presenting the substance of brass playing. This book does not contain any “tricks” or “secrets,” nor does it claim to make a brass player overnight. I am concerned with the fundamentals of good brass playing as a basis for musicianship, because I realize that any serious student is also concerned with the acquisition of a solid foundation for successful performance and uninterrupted progress.”

“Armando Ghitalla, principal trumpeter with the Boston Symphony, once painted in just a few short words a verbal picture that sums up the whole of the brass player’s experience: ‘Playing the trumpet is such an intangible experience, for the player is compelled to start from the beginning and build anew each day. It isn’t like building a house where we can resume building where we left off with the previous day’s accomplishments. Each new day we must rebuild the foundation of our musical structure.’ In answer to the need for just such a foundation l have attempted to take a total approach to the subject of brass playing, viewing the art both as a mental phenomenon and as a physical activity.”

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