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Teaching Techniques for The Brasses By Leslie Sweeney


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After more than twenty years in the teaching profession the author has become more and more aware of the need for a book dealing with the specific technical problems in playing brass instruments.

In learning to play any musical instrument there are three factors which one must consider: the instrument, the player, and the reading and interpretation of music. The problems of the instrument are the principal consideration of this book. The problems of the individual, and of the field of music, will be dealt with only as they apply directly to the problems of learning the instrument. The individual, with all the biological, psychological and aesthetic considerations which are a part of the creation of music are studies in themselves.

This is not an exercise book. It should help one in using any exercise book intelligently. An exercise book unwisely used could be dangerous to the student’s development. A good coach does not permit an athlete to engage in an athletic contest without adequate preparation and instruction. He knows the damage which might result.

Exercises are for the purpose of developing specific skills in tonguing, embouchure control, phrasing, tone, articulation, breathing, or any other quality or technique for which one is working. The exercises are not an end in themselves; they are only a means to an end.

Any good book of exercises, properly used, can be of assistance in acquainting the student with the techniques and abilities needed by the well-rounded performer. This book, then, is intended -to assist the teacher and student to use them wisely, and to avoid the pitfalls which await one who proceeds unassisted.

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