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Swing Starter Kit 1 (Trombone Play-Along) By Erik Veldkamp


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The Swing Starter Kit is extremely exciting and came about from lots of customer feedback and requests. To learn to play in the jazz style, for both beginner players and established professionals, it is best to do so by imitating a great model. To make this possible at home, Erik Veldkamp wrote 46 play-alongs for trombone, the first 31 of which are in a call-and-response (or question-and-answer) format. Along with a rhythm section, you hear Erik play the phrases first with correct jazz articulation and style, then you imitate it immediately after. For some reason, a book like this has never been written, until now, and I am thrilled for you to see it.

This book is divided into 3 parts:

1. 15 basic swing exercises with a drum track to accompany you;
2. 16 swing exercises with a rhythm section accompanying you;
3. 15 swing studies with a rhythm track (+ complete demo recordings)

See Both Books in This Series

  1. The Swing Starter Kit 1 (Trombone)
  2. The Swing Starter Kit 2 (Trombone)

In the samples, I am placing the first of each section so you can see how simply these begin. The audio for the respective pages is below, so you can play along for free. I guarantee that if you are an aspiring jazz player, or a teacher of some, this book is going to become the backbone of your jazz-style practice.

Listen to Erik Perform Q & A Exercise 1 (on trumpet)

Listen to Erik Perform Q & A Swing Exercise 1 (on trumpet)

Listen to Erik Perform Jazztude 1 (on trumpet)

Listen to Erik Perform Jazztude 46 (on trumpet)


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