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Modern Visualized Harmony By George A. Gibbs Jr.


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George A. Gibbs wrote some of the most important books on Harmony, Jazz Improvisation, and Arranging ever written. Sadly, at some point in the last twenty years, they have all gone abandoned and are no longer in print, resulting in the final copies available online reaching multiple hundreds of dollars, which is just unacceptable. Today, we are happy to announce that his books are back, fully restored, and ready to get into the hands of musicians world wide.

George writes in his foreword about Modern Visualized Harmony:

Every student should work with a teacher if possible, but if he can­not, he should still be able to master harmony in his own home with the aid of this book.

Today, more and more orchestras and bands are requiring musicians with a knowledge of arranging. Harmony is the first step in the study of arranging, and the author has attempted to cover this subject in as thorough and interesting a man­ner as possible, devoting some space to the ”Arranger’s Vocabulary” which, all too frequently, has been overlooked in the books available to date. The ”Arranger’s Vocabulary” is especially important, since all students should be able to understand the dance musician’s language.

The success of Modern Visualized Harmony is in the exercises, for it is the exercises that will enable the student, or professional musician to practice writing har­mony in order that he may eventually visualize it. Thus, to get the most out of this book, the student should work on every exercise given. He will then be able to harmonize any melody. For this reason, a few melodies have been included as exercises, leaving the choice of additional material to the student or teacher.

In conclusion, the author hopes that this work will help every student become a better musician, whether he studies classical, or popular music. If it does so, he will feel satisfied that this work is a tremendous success.

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