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Drone Multiple Tonguing Studies (Play-Along) By Erik Veldkamp


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A trumpet player derives significant benefits from practicing with a drone, particularly when honing articulation skills. The sustained pitch from the drone serves as a stable reference point, allowing the player to focus on refining and synchronizing their articulation with precision. This is crucial for developing clarity and control in the attack and release of notes. The drone’s consistent sound provides a rhythmic foundation, enabling the trumpeter to refine their staccato, legato, and various articulation techniques with accuracy. Practicing articulation against a drone enhances the player’s ability to maintain a consistent tempo and rhythm, fostering a more disciplined and controlled performance. It encourages a heightened sensitivity to the nuances of articulation, contributing to a trumpet player’s overall mastery of the instrument and musical expressiveness.

Erik Veldkamp’s unprecedented Drone Studies Series is by far the most useful and effective course of instruction released at qPress in years, and I am thrilled for you to experience it for the first time. To help you get a feel for it, I am including two drones below that go with the sample pages in C (for Bb trumpet and C trumpet, respectively).

Give them a try, then click above for an immediate digital download.

Your download includes:

  1. Multi-Tongue Drone Studies Book
  2. MP3 Play-Along Drones (Bb Trumpet)
  3. MP3 Play-Along Drones (C Trumpet)

C Drone for sample pages (Bb Trumpet)

C Drone for sample pages (C Trumpet)

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