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Contemporary Brass Technique By Vernon F. Leidig


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This book entitled ”Contemporary Brass Technique”consists of three chapters and a Study Guide. Chapter I deals with an analysis of the acoustics of wind instruments and with the presentation of the principles of transpositions. Chapter II is devoted to a discussion of technical information on brass instruments, specifically: practical and alternate fingerings are explained and compared, intonation problems, the double French horn, and the ” F” attachment for baritone, trombone, and tuba as well. An outline of the factors of tone production on brass instruments is presented in Chapter III, covering the fields of breathing, tonguing, embouchure, mouthpieces, instrument construction and selection, right and left hand technique, tone color, and elements of playing. The last portion of the book deals with a Study Guide in the form of transposition, fingering, and test questions to determine the readers understanding of the con tent. This material should be useful as a teaching aid for college brass instrument and method classes, as well as for experienced teachers who wish to test their knowledge.

The purposes of writing this book was to: (1) gather, from the best sources available, pertinent technical and tone production factors in the field of wind instruments and to assemble them in a practical and brief fashion; (2) to arrange these facts in an organized compendium, with all explanations clear and concise; and (3) to demonstrate through the use of illustrations and comparisons whenever possible, for the purpose of expediting learning.

This book is a masterpiece of contemporary knowledge about brass techniques, and should be in the library of every serious player and teacher.

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